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    The New Pilgrim

    Meet the new Pilgrim Quality Solutions, Life Sciences experts with more than 20 years of proven success in quality management. Our name may have changed, but our robust technology is still the most complete Enterprise Quality Management Solution (EQMS) platform. When you partner with Pilgrim, you are prepared to succeed.

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    On-Demand Webinar
    eMDR Countdown to Compliance

    Are you prepared for the 8/14/15 eMDR compliance deadline? Learn how to plan for mandatory FDA electronic regulatory reporting requirements in this on-demand educational webinar.

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  • audit

    Audit Management
    Simple. Efficient. Mobile.

    Learn how our simple and efficient audit workflows prepare you to demonstrate compliance during your next regulatory audit.

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    On-Demand Webinar
    A New Maturity Roadmap for Life Sciences EQMS

    Have you ever wondered what it would take to build a quality system that gives you a leg up on your competition? Check out this on-demand webinar to discover actionable ideas for advancing your quality maturity.

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  • smartsolve

    The Most Complete Enterprise Quality Management Suite

    Be confident in your quality processes. Learn how SmartSolve manages quality, compliance, and risk.

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    Inspection Management
    Streamline Incoming Inspection & Reduce Risk

    SmartSolve Inspection Management's automated skip lots and sampling plans help you inspect the right products from the right suppliers at the right time.

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Your Partner in Enterprise
Quality Management
for Life Sciences

Why is Quality Management Important to you?

Quality management processes enhance product quality, improve patient safety, and are required for regulatory compliance. When you automate with SmartSolve®, you will have more consistent processes, tighter controls and better visibility into what’s working and what’s not.
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A stringent quality compliance program supported by robust tools can prevent unsafe, dangerous or shoddy products from reaching the market." 

Gartner, "Hype Cycle for Life Sciences," July 2013, S. Lefebure and S. Jacobson

Why is Compliance Management Important to you?

Regulatory bodies set standards you must satisfy to sell medical products in their markets. We offer the tools you need to automate critical processes and comply with regulatory requirements. 
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Companies that have implemented closed-loop quality management processes are better able to capture downstream quality data and deliver it upstream for continuous improvement. This results in more robust quality management systems and improved product compliance."

LNS Research, Matthew Littlefield, President and Principal Analyst, 2014

Why is Risk Management Important to you?

Product deviations and supplier disruptions can shut down operations. Armed with the risk calculations in SmartSolve, you will have the insights you need to reduce quality risks and improve operations. 
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Effective quality risk management can facilitate better and more informed decisions, provide regulators with greater assurance of a company’s ability to deal with potential risks, and beneficially affect the extent and level of direct regulatory oversight."

ICH Q9 Guidelines

Why Pilgrim?

Why Pilgrim?

Hundreds of Customers

Hundreds of Customers

Case Study

Learn how SmartSolve has helped a rapidly growing contract manufacturer comply with cGMP requirements and improve customer service.

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Sample, Skip & Switch: The Basics of Risk-based Incoming Inspection

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Leverage CAPA Best Practices to Build a Culture of Quality

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